Mortgage Lender

A Long Island located mortgage lender's legal counsel and head of compliance was concerned about New York State's new cyber security regulation. Unsure who to ask to learn more she reached out to friends at law firms and compliance experts at large consulting firms. Both were helpful and informative, but when it came time to implement the technology they were only familiar with large project implementation and projects that could run from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Tail Risk offers the expertise and quality of large firms, but at an affordable rate and with one single point of contact. To protect your customers and ensure regulatory compliance, it is important to combine policy, technology and business knowledge.

Business Need: The mortgage lender must protect customers' accounts and data while meeting stringent regulatory requirements.

Solution: The lender uses Tail Risk's Chief Information Security Officer as a Service to comply with New York State regulations, monitor its network, manage threats, and seamlessly maintain reporting in compliance with the law.


  • Defend the company and customer's data 24/7/365
  • Simplify compliance and reporting
  • Save thousands of dollars in compliance and technology consulting
  • Increase productivity of current IT staff

Regional Bank

A Manhattan community bank with four locations, was a victim of a cyber attack. Some employee computers have been locked with ransomware, but fortunately backups were saved. Unsure if the attackers managed to collect any customer data, the bank engaged Tail Risk for a full assessment and managed security services. Furthermore, they were concerned about the legal ramifications of a potential data breach.

To protect data from evolving threats and meet stringent government regulations, the bank selected round-the-clock monitoring with Tail Risk's Managed Security Services security operations center. The investigation of logs and continued monitoring determined that sensitive customer information had not been breached and the bank would now be equipped to meet regulatory standards.

Business Need: Determine if a data breach occurred and monitor for future intrusions.

Solution: The bank uses Tail Risk's security operations center to monitor its network, gain real-time insight, and seamlessly manage compliance.


  • Monitor the bank's environment 24/7/365
  • Know your risk and meet regulatory requirements
  • Boost IT staff effectiveness and reduces stress
  • Save weeks of time in responding with continuous managed security